The Big C s3 ep 9

We’ve nearly completed three seasons of The Big C, and I’ve just noticed that the show’s title could apply to its main character. Duh. Anyway, this episode managed to be better than the last four or five simply by not being unpleasant. The gang’s in Puerto Rico for Paul’s debut as Joy’s successor, which means it’s a road trip episode in which everyone’s gone on the trip, like Holiday On The Buses or something. Paul’s coming to terms with Joy’s death, obviously without much sympathy from Cathy. Eventually he cracks and lets her have a few long-delayed truths, in particular pointing out that in her fantasy life – the “London” “pub” – he’s dead. Kind of unanswerable, that one, and it might have been the best scene of the season. There’s a nice ending too, as a scuba-diving Cathy floats into the distance, fading away; as she’s had a call from her doctor, this is presumably laden with portent. There are very few redeeming features about the storylines given to Sean and Adam, but overall this wasn’t bad; this being, it seems, as much as we can hope for. Final episode of the season next, but as I hoped we’re thereafter going straight into the fourth and last season.


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