The Big C s3 ep 8

“Seriously. You thought someone would give their baby to a woman with cancer?”

Well, yes. Admittedly this is Dave’s futile attempt to climb onto the moral high ground, after he and Maxine have been caught mid-scam; admittedly Cathy is pointing a gun at them; and admittedly it would probably be overstating things to say that, because it takes some doing to be that stupid and selfish, Cathy deserves it. But yes. And given that the middle episodes of this season have hinged on that very plot device, that’s a problem right there.

Not the only problem, of course. Sean and his threesome continue to annoy, and Paul has multiple reasons to be hacked off with Cathy: her attitude to him and his new career, for one, and his discovery of her odd double-life as a pub-going widow. Cathy gets wind of the possibility of Paul getting some on the side and confronts Joy. The scene ends strangely when Cathy watches Joy getting SPOILER ALERTED into the middle of next week by a bus, whereupon Marlene – remember her? – and Cathy share a joke about the dead person lying in front of them. Cathy really has been thoroughly unlikeable this season; I don’t mind comedy of the deepest black, but you have to do it right, and The Big C hasn’t.

Every bit as poor as last week, with the only positive development being that the episode might have cleared out some underperforming arcs – baby, “thrupple”, Paul/Joy.


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