Dexter s8 ep 8

This week Hannah’s presence continues to distract Dexter, who makes plans for her to get out of the country and evade detection. Yvonne Strahovski improved as an actor during the run of Chuck, and she’s better here again. In her scenes with Michael C. Hall she’s letting the action flow without forcing the pace; it’s a beguiling performance, and she has an easy chemistry with Hall. In fact, I called the dysfunctional family unit wrongly last week when I suggested that Vogel and Dexter were co-parenting Zach: as this week’s episode makes clear, particularly at the sort-of dinner party, Dex and Hannah are the parents, with Vogel as a grandparent or great-aunt – I liked Zach’s whiny “Are we there yet?” in the back of Dexter’s car.

The major plot arc this week is the follow-up to the death of Cassie: there’s evidence to suggest that Zach has gone off-code and murdered her, so Dex and Hannah track him to a motel in the Keys. He’s able to provide proof that it wasn’t him, though, which suggests that he was framed. By whom? Well, the shock ending would suggest that it might have been Vogel, but I don’t think that it was. Wonder whether we’re ever going to hear more about her husband? Or whether Cassie’s boyfriend is anything more than a red herring?

It’s a pretty good episode, but I was left wanting more, and the subplots aren’t providing it. With only four episodes to go – ever – after this one, Dexter is running out of time if it wants to go out with a bang. This episode, though, was similar to the last two or three: I enjoyed it, but it didn’t bowl me over, and I’m still hoping to be bowled over.

2 thoughts on “Dexter s8 ep 8

  1. Snoskred September 1, 2013 / 6:42 am

    I will type this out loud. I am one episode ahead of you – can’t wait to see you review that one.

    You guys know me, you know I have been a big fan of Dexter, and you will likely not believe these words are coming from me.

    I cannot wait for this series to finish. 😦

    This is just.. awful. The writing is terrible. The plot is virtually non existent. MCH seems now to be as unthrilled with the situation as we are, and I have sometimes felt like he is just treading water in the hope the awfulness will not drown him.

    Then, I heard that everything was explained via an episode of the writers room on the Sundance channel. It seems the writers think Dexter is a superhero with super powers, and they are crazy in love with this character.

    I think this is where the big disconnect between audience and show is. We are all expecting that there are, at some point, going to be consequences for Dexter.

    For many of us this is 100 times worse because we are watching this at the same time as watching the final episodes of Breaking Bad, where the writers have made very clear their feelings re that character and the things he has done, and that there are serious consequences to all of his actions, and we are just bystanders to the train wreck unfolding before our eyes. And a glorious train wreck it is, even without a body count!

    This final season of Dexter is like a train wreck where the two trains gently touch noses, then the drivers get out and have a non fascinating conversation about the event, and all the passengers get off and go their own ways and some of them never even knew there was a train wreck at all. They just thought the train broke down.

    I’m still there till the end, I have been there since the beginning. But after this is done, I am going to pretend like the show ends after s2 finishes. Those will be the two seasons I will rewatch and enjoy and savour because those were the best seasons of this show.

    I am so sad for this show. 😦

  2. Jed Bartlet September 1, 2013 / 1:39 pm

    Hi Snoskred, it’s good to hear from you again.

    I wouldn’t argue that the best seasons of Dexter were the first two, although I think that a couple of the other ones – season 4 (Trinity) and season 5 (Lumen) – were excellent as well. And this season has been better than season 6, with its non-existent Big Bad.

    One of the biggest problems with this season is the subplots – I quite like Vogel, and I think Charlotte Rampling has been very good, but the’ve really given up on writing anything interesting for the other characters.

    I don’t really know where I want the show to end up, but I’m not wedded to it working out badly for Dex – I’d quite like Hannah and Dexter to ride off into the sunset, killing people together happily ever after. Call me an old romantic.

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