Dexter s8 ep 6

A somewhat low-key episode; agreeably so, I thought, for the most part, although it could also be said that with only a few episodes to go Dexter should be shifting through the gears by now. Zach Hamilton, teenage killer from last week, is being followed by Dexter and Quinn: Dex because he wants an excuse to kill him, and needs proof that he did indeed murder Norma; and Quinn, because he’s been passed over for promotion and wants to prove himself.

Zach is busy himself, though: in therapy with Vogel, the psychopath specialist; turning up at Miami Metro’s helpfully unguarded homicide scenes to take photos of all that lovely blood; and identifying another potential victim: Sofia, who works at a yachting club owned by his father. Vogel thinks that she and Dex should teach him Harry’s Code, but Dexter would rather strap him to the table. (There’s an odd remark made almost in the passing about Vogel’s husband Richard; I assume we’ll be coming back to him.)

Possibly distracted by the Zach hunt, Dexter completely fails to generate any chemistry with his MILF neighbour; Deb has a little more success in that department, as it’s now becoming clear that her boss Elway likes her; what remains to be seen is how she feels about it. I’m getting platonic vibes from her, but who knows?

It’s a good ending, though, with Dex finally managing to get Zach on the table, and wondering whether to kill him or mentor him. That’s topped by the last scene, though: the producers did entirely the right thing by keeping a certain actor’s name off the opening credits, and although there’s no preamble, as soon as Deb starts feeling unwell you know what’s coming next. Welcome back.


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