Hawaii Five-0 s3 ep 24

We open in the middle of a car chase, with Kono being driven away from a posse of pursuing Hawaii cops by Steve and Danny in their silver Camaro. (New Chevrolet sales pitch: “The Camaro is just the car you want when you’re trying to outrun the po-po.”) Kono has, of course, been framed by Michael for a Yakuza shooting, so she hides away while the guys try to prove that it wasn’t her.

But while they’re trying to do that, a new case demands their attention: a plane lands with five dead bodies on it. Turns out it was a rendition flight, and that Rafael Salgado, a Latin American terrorist who was being, um, rendered (?) has escaped and is on the run. According to the CIA Salgado knows about an upcoming attack on US soil, and he needs to be taken alive so that the location can be Bauered out of him.

In an effort to find Salgado Jack visits Wo Fat in his fabulous prison cell – just how much stainless steel does one prisoner need? – and the Five-0 discover that Salgado has a babymama on Oahu, but before they or Salgado can do anything about it Salgado’s infant son is abducted by his erstwhile terrorist chums, offering to trade Salgado’s life for his son’s.

Meantime, Kono asks Fong to examine a pair of gloves used by Michael, in the hope of getting herself off the hook. And just as I was thinking that Fong had been a successful addition to the cast, arguably a better one than Masi Oka, that he clearly wants to tap Kono if she’s ever looking for a non-gangsta boyfriend, and that I wouldn’t object to a bit more Fong-time next season… ouch. (Incidentally, just how did Michael know Fong had the gloves? Had to be Adam, no? Or not?)

And that’s about half of it; breathless and action-packed barely begins to cover this episode. In fact, if anything you could reasonably argue that there was a little too much going on for a season-ender: yes, there need to be cliffhangers (will Kono return? will Fong live? who’s trying to kill Wo Fat?) but there also needs to be some resolution, and the way in which the connection between Wo Fat and Doris was dealt with verged on the insulting. So Doris is about to tell Steve what’s going on, they’re interrupted, and never quite find time to return to the issue of exactly why Steve’s mother is apparently in cahoots with the man who killed her husband? Ridiculous, even by the standards of the Five-0.

Also: bringing romance back into the solitary lives of Danny and Chin seemed a bit abrupt. (Given this show’s history, I’m guessing that the life expectancy one or other of Gabi and Leilani can now be measured in months.) And the introduction of that ex-boyfriend of Catherine must be to set him up for something in the next season, otherwise why bother; it’s not as if he had anything like a storyline. Why not just let him make his debut in the first episode of season 4?

Still, by the standards of a patchy season this stood out comfortably as one of the better episodes. When previewing season 3 I called this show “remarkably consistent”, but for quite a while it looked as if the writers were trying to prove me wrong. Some of the episodes felt as if nothing like enough time had been spent on them, and there were one or two real stinkers – the Victoria’s Secret one, in particular, representing a nadir for television drama in general, not just Hawaii Five-0. And where did Tony Almeida go? On the other hand the closing stretch of episodes was strong, and even in its off-weeks the show remained good watchable fun.

If I had one request, though, it would be that the writers remind themselves that the Steve/Danny dynamic is what distinguishes this show from other procedurals. In short: MOAR bromance in season 4. Which leads into our farewell Bromance Watch: “He’s gonna get himself shot. I gotta stick around for that.” As will I, Danny, as will I. Aloha.

(If you would like a full season review, head on over to our friend Tim at Slouching Towards TV.)


5 thoughts on “Hawaii Five-0 s3 ep 24

  1. Tim June 21, 2013 / 9:46 am

    Frustratingly inconsistent, that’s what this season was.

    Overall, the final two episodes were excellent. I do agree there was a little too much going on in the finale, although I was okay with the absurdly meta way the Steve/Doris conversation was constantly “to be continued …”. As long as it is continued and resolved relatively quickly – by which I mean early season 4, not season f finale. Let’s not gild a lily that wasn’t particularly intriguing to begin with.

    I do wonder if the introduction of whateverhisnamewasbutnotMichaelKnight was dropped in here to allow Catherine’s potential departure. (Cue the focus groups.) The character has been woefully underused for most of the season, and let’s not even talk about the roller derby episode, eh?

    Still, bring on the bromance in season 4, and don’t string out the will she/won’t she about Kono’s return too long.

  2. Jed Bartlet June 21, 2013 / 9:57 am

    Good point about Catherine’s ex-boyfriend giving her an escape route. I don’t think she’s particularly popular with the fan base, but it doesn’t look as if any (female) romantic partner for Steve would be. And she doesn’t provoke the inexplicable fury that poor old Lori did.

    On the other hand, I don’t think it’s in the show’s DNA to allow Catherine just to prefer old boyfriend to Steve, who has to be the show’s top dog. Something else? He’s secretly bringing up their child? He’s got the goods on her repeated willingness to use the resources of her office to help boyfriends out?

    • Tim June 21, 2013 / 11:47 pm

      Heh, maybe.

      The finale also gets an extra half a point from me for sneaking in not one but two guest stars from the unholy mess that was the Knight Rider remake in what almost amounted to blink-and-you-miss-them appearances (Justin Bruening and Yancey Arias). Or maybe that should be a half-point deduction …

  3. CJ Cregg June 23, 2013 / 9:40 pm

    Is Catherine’s ex maybe heading up the team of agents/mercenaries/whoevers blowtorching the prison door trying to get at Wo “Hannibal Lecter” Fat?

    Even if he is just here for the love triangle craic, though, I agree with Jed – she won’t be allowed to choose him over Steve. It’s the Big Kahuna!

    Poor Fong. I can’t believe we know Chin (the most boring man in the world) is going on a second date but we don’t know if Fong will live. He had better. Why couldn’t it have been Max instead? Like Jed, I did wonder if Adam tipped Michael off about the gloves, but I don’t think that would make any sense – there would be nothing in that for Adam if he and Michael weren’t in cahoots and it doesn’t seem like they were, although logic obviously isn’t H50’s strong point. I assume Michael – who was clearly suspicious at the “supply depot” when he gave Adam the gun – just hung about until he saw Kono join Adam, then followed them and saw them give the gloves to Fong. I have a feeling I’m thinking about it a lot more than the writers bothered to, though….

    Good, exciting ep, but lots of holes and silliness as usual. If I were poor Duke, I’d have arrested those two yahoos for the Camarro stunt – obstruction of justice? Also, FFS, Adam was practically the head of the Yakuza a minute ago, now he needs Steve’s mum to protect him? All his allies work for Dead Michael? Pshaw.

    Btw, talking of Steve’s mum – I did say ages ago that I thought Doris could be Wo Fat’s mum too. I was half-joking then, but I’m now becoming more and more convinced I was right….

  4. Jed Bartlet June 23, 2013 / 9:53 pm

    Ooh yes, Catherine’s ex as part of operation Get Wo. On reflection, why else would he be there? And of course he can totally battle Steve…

    Wouldn’t be at all surprised were Doris to be Wo’s mother. In which case we can look forward to some serious retconning of the death of Steve, Sr., I would guess. Either Wo didn’t do it after all, or he did it for good reasons, or something.

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