Misfits s4 ep 5

An unusually low-key episode of Misfits, in which Finn resumes the search for his birth father, finding both him and a sister, Grace. Sorry, half-sister. (I got pretty fed up with “from the bar” as well.) Grace, of course, has a Power of some sort, and she’s using it to keep her terminally ill father alive against his wishes. Apart from a quick flash of Finn’s weedy telekinesis, in fact, that was pretty much the only Power on show once again, and even that was really just a variation on the DNR theme, which is very well-worn after years of deployment in American medical dramas. And if Misfits isn’t about the Powers, what is is there for?

Anyway, as a Nathan McMullen showcase it was probably a qualified success, although it means yet another week in which the excellent Karla Crome doesn’t get a spotlight of her own; at the moment she’s rejecting Finn’s advances while trying to convince herself that Alex “from the bar” isn’t gay. Which he almost certainly isn’t, although he’s clearly in the Powers world in some way.


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