Unpopcult at The Emmys Part 5: Best Comedy

The nominees:

The Big Bang Theory

Curb Your Enthusiasm


Modern Family

30 Rock


I reckon this category is wide open, with Curb the only nominee that I’d find it difficult to make a case for: it was fine this year but no more, and it hasn’t won for better seasons. The Big Bang Theory was also good, but may well have peaked – there were signs that the writers have gone to the well a little too often, and that inspiration is becoming slightly harder to find.

Which leaves two previous course-and-distance winners against HBO’s two powerful newcomers. 30 Rock’s won three times, and had a good year, although not, perhaps, to the standard of its first three; defending champion Modern Family’s looking to go three-for-three, and is generally reckoned to have had a mixed season (not by me – I think the level of consistency remains high). And if voters feel inclined to give the prize to a freshman show, there’s an intriguing matchup between the Louis-Dreyfus/Iannucci Veep and Lena Dunham’s Girls, both of which have generated a huge amount of buzz. Personally, I think it’ll be three-in-a-row for Modern Family.


One thought on “Unpopcult at The Emmys Part 5: Best Comedy

  1. Tim July 29, 2012 / 11:02 pm

    Modern Family for me. Still consistently the funniest thing on TV. Although we need more Manny for season 4.

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