Justified s3 ep 11

Another good episode, this, with Tim and Rachel getting their own fun little moment in the Sun, Lynsey the bartender continuing to be awesome and plenty else going on besides.

I’ll be very surprised if Quarles survives the season but, before he gets to whatever horrific death lies ahead of him, he seems determined to take as many people down as possible; his ruthless execution of a couple of drug dealers this week being a case in point.  Neither he nor the neighbour who heard the shots seemed unduly perturbed by any of it: Quarles’s chief regret seemed to be the blood messing up his suit, while the neighbour was pleased her dead dog had found a way to avenge himself. Okay…..

Of course, the main question now is who will reciprocate and execute Quarles.  The list of candidates grows: the Detroit wiseguys (including the legendary Michael Ironside) were temporarily foiled by Art and Raylan (making a gruff but adorable team), but with Wynn Duffy now keen to cash in, Boyd calling the shots from his end, and Raylan’s trigger finger growing increasingly itchy, it seems like it’ll be a photo finish as to who gets to do the deed. Even Limehouse could sneak in there and justify his increasingly tiresome existence.  If whoever it is could take out the completely repellent Dickie Bennett too, would be great, but I have a feeling we’re stuck with him.


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