Justified s3 ep 10

Quarles descended into outright madness, Dickie oozed his way out of his jail sentence, and the Sheriff’s election was won, lost and won again this week in an episode that wasn’t as astonishingly good as the past couple but was still dark, witty and very entertaining.

The principal highlight was of course Raylan’s breathtakingly cool “Why wait?” confrontation with Quarles in the bar – when Wynn Duffy is the voice of reason, you know you’re dealing with a special kind of psychopath – which was just awesome. His banter and connection with the sparky, sassy bartender was a lot of fun too, though, as was his reluctant testimony in court, with the very welcome Judge Stephen Root presiding.

Just by the by, I couldn’t help but notice our favourite Marshal wore black throughout the episode and seemed sans hat for most – all? – of it.  If this means anything, it may mean that Raylan’s ready to break even more rules than usual to bring Quarles down as the season heads towards its final furlough. But then Raylan’s never exactly been averse to rule-breaking, so maybe it just means that the stylists fancied a change.  Either way, the outfit suited both the show’s tone this week and Timothy Olyphant himself.  Looking good, there, Marshal, looking good.


2 thoughts on “Justified s3 ep 10

  1. Jed Bartlet July 8, 2012 / 11:53 pm

    I’m slowly catching up with this season, but thought I’d drop in to say that this was the best of the season so far. The courthouse scene (“Did that go the way you rehearsed it?”), the nursing home scene, and of course the barroom scene. Wonderful. And I like Raylan having a love interest who isn’t the boring Winona.

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