Game of Thrones s2 ep 8

Poor King Robb; one minute he’s taking the slowest walk in the world (what is it with these Stark boys and their endless walking?), talking about how much he loved his dad, the next he has to arrest his mum as Catelyn, who started everyone off on the road to disaster last season by kidnapping one Lannister brother, has now chosen to let the other one go.  Man.  Some people just can’t make up their minds.

Luckily for us and for Robb, though, there’s a silver lining to this particular cloud.  Firstly, it means Jaime and Brienne get to star in their own buddy movie, Scarecrow and Mr Kingslayer.   And secondly, Robb and Talisa (now on hiatus from N-Dubz, so she has time) finally stop with the bickering and share a genuinely tender, moving scene which gives her some character beyond “argumentative,” makes Robb look even more lovely and sympathetic (who knew that was even possible?), and ends in the same way all these scenes end in GOT – ie naked – but a lot more sensitively than the rest.  Their relationship seems a much more convincing match then Shae and Tyrion’s, anyway.  Or Daenerys and Ser Jorah’s, for that matter; what on earth does he see in that petulant whiner?

Talking of petulant whiners…. Theon continues to stomp around Winterfell like Kevin the Teenager.  Oh joy.  Big sis Yara arrives to try and talk some sense into him, but it’s Theon so, of course, it doesn’t work.  Even though she hints – I think, it’s sort of implied in a story about wanting to strangle him – that she might not actually hate him, which you’d think would be a big deal for Theon, seeing as everyone else despises him, he ignores her anyway because he’s an idiot.  Characters in GOT are nothing if not consistent in their flaws.

Yara’s not the only woman reluctantly showing  affection for a daft boy, however.  At least, again, I think so, because Ygritte standing up for Jon Smoulders-in-the-Snow is followed with a threat to um,”chop off his balls.”  But I’m sure it was said with love. 

Arya of course proves herself tougher than everyone else put together, though, when she hears Tywin’s on the march.  I don’t know if her increasing hardness is a good thing, but it’s brilliant to watch and if anyone can help Robb win the war, it’s her.  At any rate, she’s an infinitely better sister to have on your side than Cersei, who’s too busy trying to get one up on Tyrion to worry about Stannis only being an episode away – which brings me to a slight problem for the “The Prince of Winterfell” as a whole.  It was a little long on set-up and a little short on action, because the big battle stuff’s obviously going to happen next week, isn’t it?  Still, there were plenty of funny lines (Tyrion and Varys: the new Cannon and Ball?) and Game of Thrones does set-up far more elegantly and compellingly than most other shows so keeping us in a holding pattern this time actually just increased my anticipation for next week’s.  Team Stark FTW!


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