House s8 ep 20

House and Wilson are road-tripping, so the team’s on Patient of the Week duties. This is unfortunate as the PotW is the tetchy, demanding doctor who carries out Princeton-Plainsboro’s post mortems. He only trusts House and has a particular dislike for Chase who, we learn, beat him to a fellowship with House ten years ago, although he claims that his feelings about Chase are rooted in his opinion that Chase should have made more of himself, given the opportunities he’s had.

By the end of the episode – patient saved, natch – Chase has come to agree, and resigns, although with only two more episodes to go it hardly counts as the most flamboyant of gestures.

As for the road trip: it’s essentially all about Wilson acting up, fast car, threesomes and all, and trying to avoid the truth that he’s about to have a scan which will determine whether he’ll live or die. All very understandable, it should be said, and House clearly understands, because he helps organise the threesome. At the end of the episode House has seen the scan, but exactly what he’s seen will presumably need to wait for the next episode.

We’re now getting very close to the end of House and, like last week’s episode, this was as melancholy and downbeat as all hell; I’m not saying that I didn’t enjoy it, because I did, but in the final few weeks of this show the writers aren’t sparing us.

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