House s8 ep 19

An episode which was determined to put us through an emotional wringer, and just about succeeded; in consequence, any humour was of the black variety. The Patient of the Week is a little girl with a genetic problem which means she’s going to die in her 20s anyway, but she has something else on top of that which might kill her even sooner. As any parent will confirm, it really doesn’t take any more than that to have us watching through our fingers and checking to see whether we have something in our eye. House doesn’t take any part in this storyline, and his team spend at least some of their time keeping the girl’s feuding parents apart.

Meantime Wilson – who is probably supposed to be round about my age, just to depress me even further – has cancer, and being an oncologist he knows what awaits him. House reminds him anyway, but then supports him through a high, possibly fatal, dose of chemotherapy. The stakes are heightened here by the fact that Wilson’s long been a fans’ favourite, and there are even a couple of nods to the House/Wilson shippers.

It’s all pretty gruelling – a very good episode, but I’m not sure I’d want to sit through too many like it. With only three episodes after this one, though, before Princeton-Plainsboro closes its doors for good, it’s not unexpected that the shadows are starting to lengthen.

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