Smash s1 ep 3

Oh, GOD: the assistant.

As we were discussing last week , he’s been creepy and annoying right from the start but this week – just as unpopculters Kay and e warned – he took it to new levels, getting himself a creepy and annoying friend, a creepy and annoying girlfriend (um, really?) and a creepy and annoying behaviour upgrade: theft, eavesdropping and an incredibly irritating refusal to GO AWAY are not attractive traits in an assistant.  And they’re not traits I want to see in a recurring character, writers, wtf are you thinking?  Unthink it!

Mind you, there was a whole lot of wtf-ery going on this week, with Karen – about as much of a “Redneck Woman” as she is an aardvark – performing a spectacularly odd choice of song at a baby shower in a karaoke bar in Iowa (sorry – what?),  Julia letting Weasel Ellis beat her (eh?) and Derek saying Michael Swift in the hilariously-terrible-in-every-way “Bruno Mars Thing at LaMama” was “sensational” (PARDON?!).

I presume the latter was some sort of inside joke, but it just made me terribly worried that “brilliant director” Derek had temporarily lost both his mind and his critical faculties.  Although, the show would have us believe the contrary, since Eileen loved Swift’s “Grenade”, too.  (I swear that is not a euphemism.)  Maybe the dry ice at “LaMama” has hallucinogenic properties.

All this, coupled with the completely boring and repetitive Eileen, Jerry, Martini-in-the-face business they insist on shoehorning into every ep should have made me hate “Enter Mr DiMaggio”, but maybe I’ve temporarily lost both my mind and my creative faculties too, because – creepy assistant apart – I still managed to enjoy it a lot.  While Julia’s not been my favourite character thus far, she came across as a lot more human and interesting this week, and her affair’s an infinitely better storyline than her adoption.  And while I’d have liked more songs, “Mr and Mrs Smith” was sweet, “Redneck Woman” although ridiculous was perfectly fine and at least “Grenade” was so bad it was funny.  I’d also have liked more Derek, but his trading insults with Dev (dude, please – crashing your girlfriend’s meeting with her boss: way to get a head start on making her your ex-girlfriend) was my favourite scene and his manipulation of both Ivy and Karen was caddish but somehow irresistible.  Per Ivy’s Nameless Chorus Girl Friend, “He may or may not be evil, but he’s definitely a fox.”


One thought on “Smash s1 ep 3

  1. Kay20 May 6, 2012 / 2:42 am

    Told you on the assistant, right?!?!?!? What a weirdo, and a creepy weirdo at that. How many assistants that treasure their jobs do you know do this???????

    I like Eileen – I think her divorce and her trying to get her business off the ground is awesome. I also grew to like Julia, mostly because I love “Grace” from Will & Grace. 🙂

    Karen was really boring this week, right? I mean small town singer? Zzzzzzz…like we haven’t seen that a zillion times before.

    I still haven’t grown to like Derek – they need to start humanizing him a bit. So far I just think he’s a cad.

    Michael Swift = Zzzzzzzz.

    I think I’m the only one that likes Dev. Mostly because I wish I had a Dev. 😛

    And yet, I still keep watching too. That’s what good guilty pleasures do!

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