House s8 ep 18

The Patient of the Week is a Hmong boy whose symptoms are eventually addressed and cured either by diagnosis and medicine or by some sort of exorcism carried out by his grandfather. Normally in these situations this show flirts with giving credibility to the faith-based approach before coming down firmly on the side of reason and science; this time, it sat on the fence for no obvious reason. I suppose many people turn to faith as their demise draws nearer, and perhaps TV programmes are no different.

By then, though, House’s eye was off the ball and he wasn’t around to debunk the power of superstition: instead, he was hooking up and breaking up with Dominika. This is a shame, although as soon as he hid the letter confirming her citizenship it was inevitable; the characters worked well together and House was notably nice to her. The C-plot – Chase and Park having sex dreams about each other – was made watchable by Charlyne Yi and Jesse Spencer. And Wilson’s end-of-episode bombshell felt uncomfortably forced: with only a handful of episodes to go, we need a big crisis, although I suppose if it affords Robert Sean Leonard one more showcase episode, it might be worth it. All rather downbeat, and the weakest episode for a while, I thought.

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