The Vampire Diaries s3 ep 18

Oh, super.  Another perfectly excellent plan to get rid of the Originals fails, Bonnie whines like it’s a championship sport, and we all find out that if Klaus dies, Tyler dies.  Sigh.

After yet another episode of supremely irritating threats delivered in gratingly self-satisfied accents and backed up with a bit of sadism and torture… frankly, I’m thinking “See ya, wouldn’t wanna be ya, Tyler.”  But no doubt Elena and co will take a different view, given the other high, um, stakes (sorry) involved. 

Hurrumph.  Even Caroline’s lovely scene with Alaric – with her empathy and kindness a welcome contrast to Bonnie’s self-righteous self-absorption – wasn’t enough to save this episode from being incredibly tiresome and frustrating.  Diaries can do a lot better.


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