Desperate Housewives s8 ep 16

Spoiler alert – someone dies.

We are told at the top of the episode by Mary Alice, in VO, that someone on Wisteria Lane’s gonna die, so the show has a certain amount of fun by putting a few characters in danger. Poor Karen’s cancer has spread, and she wants Bree to euthanise her, so lies in front of Bree’s car, then puts a drug overdose in a pie which Bree then eats, with consequences which I suspect are supposed to be hilarious. Mike’s packing heat to protect himself from the Mob. One of the Solis kids chases a cat onto a windowledge, then she and Carlos teeter there for a few seconds. Jane nearly chokes to death in Lynette’s kitchen.

And while all of that’s going on, there are some not-insignificant plots circling them as well. Tom and Jane are planning to move in together, which Lynette takes very badly. This is perhaps a male way of looking at it, but if Lynette really didn’t want her marriage to end why did she drive Tom away, and why is she behaving so shabbily now? Is Tom going to look from his shrewish wife to his placid girlfriend, and pick the sullen, petulant one? Still, I wonder whether we were just picking up the first hints that Jane might be capable of some pretty ruthless behaviour. Unfortunately for Tom, the only way I can see him getting back with Lynette is if Jane suddenly starts to be even less appealing than Lynette, which isn’t much of a happy ending, really.

The death of Papi is being re-opened, yet again, as a result of the information Orson sent to the police. And there’s an unsatisfactory Solis plot, with Carlos deciding that it’s time to become a philanthropist rather than a businessman. It gives Gaby a few good lines, but not much else.

In the end, though, it’s back to the death, and as soon as Mike starts his noble speech about how much he loves Susan, and decides to leave fence-fixing until tomorrow, you know it’s going to be him. (Even if you didn’t read about it weeks ago in accounts of Nicollette Sheridan’s court case against Marc Cherry and ABC. Bah.) Gunshot, brief but potent montage of Mike’s pivotal moments on the show, and we’re done here. I’ll be damned if it wasn’t rather moving – after eight years Desperate Housewives is moving towards its own demise, and Mike’s been a part of it since day 1. Apart from his inexplicable affection for Susan, he’s always been one of the more engaging characters; I’ll miss him, and it was an emotional way to round off another very good episode.


3 thoughts on “Desperate Housewives s8 ep 16

  1. Tim April 27, 2012 / 3:39 pm

    Rule of TV #846: Belated Back-Story Filling. When a regular/semi-regular character brings the narrative to a halt to fill in their back-story with a tale that makes you go “ahh!”, it’s time to watch out for the man with the gun/runaway bus/plane-wth-a-dead-pilot/stray electrical cable.

    Farewell, Mike. Although he has often been absent for long spells, he has certainly been an integral part of life on the Lane. The little life-before-your-eyes montage was really rather touching, and not over-done. t’s a real slap-in-the-face reminder than Housewives is coming to an end soon, and I agree that it was done rather stylishly.

    Tom, just file for divorce, okay?

  2. Jed Bartlet April 27, 2012 / 7:06 pm

    I still want Tom and Lynette to end up back together, but she really isn’t making it easy.

  3. Red May 1, 2012 / 1:47 pm

    I *hate* Mary Alice so much right now. Will she ever just SHUT UP? It may be my own fault as I’m watching daytime reruns of stuff I missed when abroad, and I’m arguably over-exposed. But she’s so smug. And every other word is ‘yes.’ She was actually *in* an old episode the other day. Even more smug with a body. (Embodied?).

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