House s8 ep 17

As ever, the symptoms of the Patient of the Week need not concern us; what’s interesting about him is that he’s in a relationship with a high-end latex doll. He’s also being being chased by a nice girl who isn’t rubber-based, but it turns out by the end that his motivation for staying with the doll isn’t as principled, high-minded, or touching as a fear of commitment. This is played relatively straight by the show and the team, as House and his bitches can hardly be said to be making a success of their relationships: Adams is deliberately working so hard that she can’t meet anyone; Taub’s reduced to lying to women he picks up at the supermarket; Chase is sleeping with anyone he can, while avoiding commitment; Park dodges the sweet guitar-playing boy who asks her out. And House’s favourite hooker is leaving him to get married, so he’s auditioning for a replacement, while (as Wilson, no big success in this area himself, points out) he has, at home, an attractive, intelligent woman who also happens to be his wife. As it happens, House and Dominika have very good on-screen chemistry; it might be an implausible happy ending, but as I’ve said before he could do much worse. ‘We Need The Eggs’ is another late-period triumph for House, which now seems intent on showing us how much it’s going to be missed.


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