Desperate Housewives s8 ep 11

Notably, at the start of this episode the Housewives are all effectively on their own: Tom’s in Paris (presumably), Carlos is in rehab, Mike’s stayed home while Susan’s off in Oklahoma looking for absolution with Papi’s family, and Bree’s single anyway. Even Renee’s being ignored by Ben.

However, the writers having thrown all of the pieces up in the air, the feeling I got from this episode was that this week was all about setting up the next few episodes. Lynette might as well not have turned up, although her moment of revelation – that if she hadn’t been so unpleasant to Tom he might not have left – was probably worth waiting for. Gaby’s storyline – pretending to clients that she knew all about Carlos’s business – had potential, but wasn’t followed through, even if the coda gave us some hope that we might see her kicking some business ass soon. In the latest manifestation of an old Housewives fault, it’s Bree’s turn to completely change her personality overnight, so expect a few weeks of sleeping with random dudes.

As for Mike and Susan – both of them, I expect, will discover that their inability to keep their mouths shut will have consequences. Mike at least had a degree of nobility; for Susan to tell a girl who’s being abused by her stepfather that he won’t be coming back, thus obliging her either to keep yet another secret or drop Susan in it, was – well, it was Susan, wasn’t it?


One thought on “Desperate Housewives s8 ep 11

  1. Kay20 May 5, 2012 / 8:13 am

    Of all the storylines, Lynette’s and Gaby’s played the best. Haven’t we been here before with Bree for the love of god?

    I hope they develop Gaby’s storyline in particular. Good stuff, and she has the brains for it.

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