The Secret Circle ep 10

Absence hasn’t made the heart grow fonder as far as Circle and I are concerned – the mid-season break gave me a chance to  wonder whether there isn’t anything more fun I could be watching for 40 minutes a week.  On the strength of this episode, the answer is one the writers wouldn’t like to hear.

It’s not that it was bad exactly, more that it badly needed a sense of humour.  I mean, let’s recap: Cassie now knows she has the super-powered, mega-watt, dark magic to end all magic flowing through her veins, so suddenly she can’t stop smiting folk.  Dawn is so crazy-desperate to kill anyone who even looks at her funny that Charles (Charles!  The man who killed Cassie’s mum, killed Henry, killed Nick – Charles!) has to rein her in: “Dawn, we are not killing anyone else.  Certainly not my mother.”  (Heh.  Okay, that did make me laugh.)  And Diana’s Grandma Kate turns up – because Cassie’s gran’s away for the week and there’s a gran quota to be fulfilled, obviously – and turns out to be a crazy psycho nutbar!  Oooh.

Played tongue-in-cheek, all this would have been gold, but unfortunately, like a lot of things on this show recently, it was all done in such a painfully earnest and serious fashion that it fell slightly flat.  Except when Cassie blasted her way out of the death-box trap: hurrah for that silly, awesome stunt, amongst all the agonising and hand-wringing.  Lighten up, guys! It’s a CW soap about teen witches, for pity’s sake, not a serious commentary on the human condition.  Faye has the right idea, camping it up like nobody’s business, but everyone else really needs to start treating the material with a lot less reverence.


2 thoughts on “The Secret Circle ep 10

  1. Kay20 April 21, 2012 / 6:14 am

    So with you CJ. They are ruining my books. And yet I still watch on hoping it’ll get better.

    Can we institute Melissa watch? I’m convinced all the girl gets to do is be Faye’s sidekick, even though she told Faye she wasn’t going to be her sidekick.

  2. CJ Cregg April 21, 2012 / 11:18 am

    Word. Even the storylines she does get are about whose sidekick she should be or how much she misses the last person she was the sidekick for. Faye, Nick, Faye, Diana, Faye – good grief, Melissa. Get a personality of your own and stop leeching off other people’s. Melissa watch would have been a great idea, but I couldn’t make it past ep 14, Kay – I was bored witless. I reviewed right up till then, though, and while Melissa did get a storyline, it didn’t get any more interesting so I wouldn’t hold your breath for any Melissa character development….

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