Lost Girl ep 13

Chop chop!  It’s the Lost Girl season finale, so time for a shot of high-speed exposition.

Because Bo’s the only person who hadn’t worked out her mother’s identity from Syfy’s trailer, Dyson fills her in: surprise!  Bo’s mother is the only other succubus on the show.  Who’dda thunk it?  Not Bo.  And oh yeah, Trick is the Blood King.  Ok then.  Time for some stomping and pouting as Bo reacts to this news in typical, if understandable, Bo fashion but – as Kenzi points out later – “the UN voted and it is considered rude to kill the messenger”, so by the end of the ep, everybody’s almost forgiven for all the secret-keeping and whatnot.  Good: nobody wants to start season 2 with a grudge.

Never mind the messenger though, Bo doesn’t even want to kill the homicidal psychopath, so wastes most of the episode trying to connect with her lunatic mother who bombs, kills and let’s not forget, tried to devour her daughter’s boyfriend last week.  Bo doesn’t seem to mind any of that too much: she’s all about family, or redemption, or heroism, or who knows, maybe she’s just about stupidity.  Eating poisoned cookies, trusting compulsive liars… yeah, she’s about stupidity.  And selfishness, obviously, as she continues – as unpopculter e observed last week – to suck the energy out of Dyson whenever it suits her.  (I guess there’s a difference between facing Aoife alone, and facing Aoife alone, eh, Bo?  Hypocrite.)

Because no one else in the show is a fool, though – except over Bo – they keep the episode afloat.  Kenzi livens things up with her usual wit and a lovely moment with Hale, Trick and Dyson both heroically (and unnecessarily?) sacrifice way too much to save their succubud and – Bah – super-bore Lauren ends up potentially getting the best deal out of everybody.  Bah, again.

A mixed bag of a finale then, much like the season, but I enjoyed most of both.  It’s not top-flight fantasy tv by any means, and the main character grated as it wore on, but I adore Kenzi and Trick, Dyson and Hale are lovely, and the show’s periodically amusing take on myths and legends and forbidden love largely kept me entertained.  Word at the moment is that season 2 will make its way to UK screens in mid-January: I’m looking forward to it.


2 thoughts on “Lost Girl ep 13

  1. e December 3, 2011 / 5:16 pm

    “A mixed bag of a finale then, much like the season, but I enjoyed most of both.”

    Pretty much sums up what I was going to say, so I’ll just let you have said it because you did so better than I would have.

    “I adore Kenzi and Trick, Dyson and Hale are lovely”


    I still think it would be a better show if Bo actually got lost, and the rest of the characters muddled on without her. Like that show “Valerie” that went on to dump its star.

    • CJ Cregg December 3, 2011 / 8:12 pm

      Heh, thanks e. You’reright though – it would be a better show if Bo were literally Lost as opposed to just metaphorically andit was just the adventures of Kenzi, the wolf, theSiren and the Blood King.

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