The Secret Circle ep 9

Mid-season finale time, and the residents of Chance Harbor are preparing for some Gala (nobody cares what for), while Jake and the witch-hunters (have I already said that sounds like a covers band?) prepare to do a little witch-napping.

Melissa’s cousin turns up and smiles too much (is he the new new Nick seeing as Jake hasn’t worked out?), Diana flirts unconvincingly with him, and I get distracted by the gorgeous necklace Cassie has on for the party.  It’s huuuge and silver and has a giant heart pendant and lots of charm thingys attached.  Ooh.  Want one.

While I’m busy gazing at the shiny things (Diana’s bangles are lovely too…), the Mary Sue-ification of Cassie continues: turns out she’s descended from a bloodline of super, mega, wowser-powerful Dark Magic.  Be afraid, witch-hunters, be very afraid!  Or actually don’t, seeing as super, mega, wowser-powerful Dark Magic seems to be no match for a hankie with some chloroform in it and a wee bit of string round the wrists.  Again.  Need to work a bit on the self-defence there, Cass, hon.

Luckily, Adam and Faye are less susceptible to the dazzling effects of costume jewellery than I am, so they rumble Jake quite quickly – yay! – and work together to rescue Cassie and each other from the suck-fest they’ve been subjected to the last couple of weeks.  Will I be shipping them as a couple?  No.  But they work really well as a team, instead of annoying everyone senseless by moping separately over other people, so go Team Fadam: Super-friends!

And that’s it for Circle for this year.  While I wouldn’t go ga-ga over this last hurrah, it was decent stuff: efficient, pacy and miles better than the past couple of episodes.  The dreadful Jake’s change of heart isn’t enough to make me mourn his exit (sail away, Jake, sail far away), Charles and Dawn’s shenanigans continue to irritate, and the witch-hunters are awful, but there was a fair amount to enjoy here, as well as a couple of decent cliffhangers to give the next part of the season a good launchpad.  We’re not back to top form yet, but hopefully the break till the new year will give the writers a chance to re-group and re-capture the magic that captivated me in the first place.  Hopefully.


2 thoughts on “The Secret Circle ep 9

  1. e November 30, 2011 / 7:09 pm

    “re-capture the magic that captivated me in the first place”

    I see what you did there!

  2. CJ Cregg November 30, 2011 / 11:06 pm

    Heh. Abracadabra 😉

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