House s8 ep 7

Two patients of the week in this episode. PotW 1 is Iris, a moody teenage girl who collapsed at her birthday party. Unknown to her, her mother is giving her diazepam. Unknown to her mother, she’s pregnant and has a boyfriend who’s stashing hardcore porn at her place. Everyone lies, of course, but as it turns out Iris has a better excuse than most. PotW 2 is a four-year-old boy with lots of symptoms, the most important one to everyone but House being that he’s dead. House becomes consumed with solving the puzzle of the boy’s death to the point where he’s prepared to disobey Foreman and risk going back to jail. He works it out, of course, but not before we’ve had to confront the effect grief has had on the boy’s now-separated parents. It’s all gloomy stuff, and an under-developed C-plot, in which Chase seems to have taken up personal grooming in a big way, doesn’t really let enough light in for me.


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