Spooks s10 ep 3

The problem: “An anarchist terrorist in possession of nuclear material, whereabouts unknown.”

Except maybe by his sister…  Poor Dimitri.   He finally gets his moment to shine and Erin decides to use it to pimp him out.  For someone who was so teary-eyed about burning an asset last week, she was pretty cavalier about sacrificing the poor girl’s heart and an underling’s body in pursuit of the common good, wasn’t she?  I’m pretty sure there’s cause for a formal grievance in there, Dimitri…

The honey-trap angle reminded me a lot of Ros’s undercover (sorry) mission with the guy who was going to bankrupt the UK a couple of seasons ago, except that Ros, as usual, did the dirty work herself.  Sigh. I miss Ros.  And Lucas.  And Tariq.  And…. *wipes away tear*

Sigh again.  Anyway, as far as this particular episode goes, the main story was a decent idea, unfortunately diluted by too much time spent with the appallingly dull Sasha and Elena and frankly not enough time on the actual preventing of a radiological disaster.  And the bait and switch was so obvious, I was embarassed none of our highly-trained operatives saw it coming.  Especially you, Dimitri.  I mean, I expect this sort of gullibility from Calum and Erin, but you were trained by Lucas and Ros, man.  Must do better.


3 thoughts on “Spooks s10 ep 3

  1. Capt. Harold Dobey October 3, 2011 / 10:02 am

    How can we really expect our security services to protect our shores when we don’t pay the officers enough to afford more than one bugable suit? I’ll bet Jack Bauer had a walk-in closet full of clobber. Dimitri? One suit. A good one, but if he’d got two decent ones then a technology park somewhere in the south-east might not have needed loads of guys in hazmat suits scrubbing the place down with a load of Dettol.

    Dimitri, you were this episode’s Calum. And I know the ladies like you, but you are a bit bland.

    The Russians are boring, so it’s a welcome relief to get back to the bread and butter stuff. Van. Bomb. Bomb. Van. Violin crescendo came a bit early and gave the game away, but after the Russians then I’m happy with Van and No Bomb.

    At least Ruth was in a bit better mood, but she’ll fall for any bloke’s chat if she’s getting sucked in by the Home Secretary’s guff.

    If Spooks wasn’t ending this series, it would be ending. I reckon the scripts were read and the decision made as contracts had already been signed.

  2. CJ Cregg October 3, 2011 / 8:41 pm

    The bug on the suit really annoyed me as well, Dobey – I mean, a ten year old could have worked it out when he “hugged” him. And anyway, I thought everyone got scanned for bugs every time they walked into Thames House? How did it not crop up? Or did I imagine the scanning business?

    The ladies (including me ;-)) do indeed like Dimitri but I agree with you, he was this week’s Calum. Again, a TEN YEAR OLD could have worked out the anarchist guy was lying about wanting to help. Very sweet boy, Dimitri, but written like a numptie this week. Calum however, seemed to be flying – tracking down moles and killers and whatnot. I still hate him, though.

    Also, while I remember – I don’t know why everyone’s so shocked the CIA killed Tariq. Are they not the baddies behind the big conspiracy nearly every year? How is it still a surprise???

  3. Capt. Harold Dobey October 3, 2011 / 9:57 pm

    I was pretty sure you had to be scanned to get on the so-called Grid

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