Justified s2 ep 11

It’s becoming increasingly hard to find new ways to say it, but my GOD, this season of Justified is good.  Properly, magically, tv classically good. 

This week saw law enforcement investigating last week’s attempted hit on Raylan and whiny Winona, with Art benching our hero and sending him home with Tim as babysitter.  Art has the BEST ideas; the dialogue and dynamic between Tim and Raylan was hilarious, even if there was absolutely no danger Tim was going to be able to stop Raylan being Raylan.  Thankfully.  Raylan being Raylan meant a surprisingly sad scene with Mags, an ominous one with Doyle and a slightly terrifying (especially if you’re the pathetic Gary) one with Wynn Duffy.  And all those scenes were brilliant.

I’m a lot less invested in the Boyd-Dickie war, but Boyd was as magnetic as ever, Dickie dealing with a mutiny amongst his men was grimly shocking, and the final scene would have been quite fantastic had I not been spoiled for it by, of all things, the EPG blurb for next week’s episode.  My own fault for looking ahead, I guess.  It didn’t detract from what was another excellent episode in an increasingly astonishing season.


One thought on “Justified s2 ep 11

  1. Jed Bartlet July 9, 2011 / 10:00 pm

    Yup. Not quite as good as episode 9, which was one for the ages, but more than good enough. Season 1 was fantastic. Season 2 has been better.

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