Nikita s1 ep 13

Oh bravo.

Thankfully, no sign of Random Ryan this week; instead, the writers had clearly set themselves an absolutely inspired challenge – how to drive the shippers wild by ramping up the tension between Michael and Nikita without ever actually having them in a room together.  And on that note: job very well done.

The standard storyline about Division’s mean old mission to assassinate someone or other mattered a wee bit more than usual this time as likeable target Prince Erich wants someone he’s not supposed to want, has all sorts of responsibilities to bear, and has to make a high-stakes choice between love and duty.  Remind you of anyone?  It certainly struck a chord for Nikita, who couldn’t have been more blatant about it if she’d hired a skywriter.

The usual slickly-executed running and fighting complemented the classic hostage scenario well, and our heroines did a good job outsmarting and outfighting everybody (who wasn’t Michael).  But the real fun to be had here was in the slyly funny, super-cheesy, shipper-tastic dialogue.  So Nikita’s all “Has he asked about me?” (Translation: Does he want us to go steady?)  Michael’s all “She has a way of corrupting the systems from the inside.” (Translation: I’ve got her under my skin.)  And when he eventually called her, his “Hello Nikita” was so loaded with heat it almost set off the fire alarms.  Whew.  Way to give the people what they want, guys; some smelling salts would be handy right about now.


One thought on “Nikita s1 ep 13

  1. Jed Bartlet June 30, 2011 / 7:23 pm

    Much better. I’m not mad about fight scenes as a rule, but in Nikita they’re generally so silly that they become enjoyable. I liked the one this week with Nikita and the scimitar, or whatever it was.

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