The Event s1 ep 15

This episode was directed by Steven Spielberg’s long-time cinematographer Janusz Kaminski, for some reason; lots of vaguely disconcerting close-ups. Anyway, we’re back with the Alien National Convention, and The Event’s burning desire to be 24; in fairness these parts of the show have generally worked much better than the rest. There’s a siege going on, and the President gives Sophia a 10 minute deadline to surrender – after which I half-expected to see 24’s beeping clock – following which he’s going to level the place. The delay, he advises Zeljko, isn’t for “humanitarian reasons”. Well, it wouldn’t be, would it? Fortunately for the aliens Sophia’s got a stunt up her sleeve: “You have no idea what we’re capable of”, she replies. It’s hard to escape the suspicion that the writers haven’t either.

This all plays out improbably but well enough, which is fortunate; elsewhere we’ve got Dempsey blathering on about ancient French amphoras, and Sean on the run again, even if Vicky, his new travelling companion, is significantly more interesting than Leila, now reduced to hanging out with the aliens and occasional exposition duties. I think she was on the bus which didn’t get blown up, but whether she’s alive or dead it’s hard to imagine her acting style changing. In whatever time this show has left to it, the showrunners might be well advised to stick with the 24-lite.


3 thoughts on “The Event s1 ep 15

  1. Tim April 12, 2011 / 9:56 am

    This was really rather fun, wasn’t it? As you say, it was very much 24-lite. (I kept expecting to see the camera pan up to show Jack Bauer clinging on to the roof of one of the buses.)

    Pretty sure Leila was with Michael on Sophia’s bus. Even if she’s still alive, though, the character flat-lined about five episodes ago, so she might as well be dead.

    And surely we’re running out of people for Sean to run to/away from? Forrest Gump sprinted less than he does.

  2. Jed Bartlet April 12, 2011 / 10:20 am

    It wasn’t bad at all, if you exclude the Sean/Dempsey bits.

  3. Kay20 July 4, 2011 / 12:25 am

    Hey – this episode was good! I actually felt suspense and wondered what was going to happen, and the monument going down worked. Color me shocked.

    Agree on Leila flatlining – could care less about her quivering lip. Blegh.

    Vicki is so much more interesting with Sean as was FBI lady from awhile ago. It kinda makes me wonder if he wasn’t saddled with such a dip originally if the show would have been better off for it. It’s kinda like they figured that out and separated the two, giving him companions with a brain.

    I liked the interplay between Thomas and Sophia, though the dreaded girlfriend needs to go, and glad she did. Lady, your power hungry nature got old WEEKS ago. Now is not the time to pout, and oh look, karma caught up with you. Figures.

    Feel kinda bad for Simon.

    But all in all – this episode was what made the original few episodes good. More please.

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