Spooks s9 ep 6

Gosh.  Where do I even start?  This was breakneck, heartstopping, utterly exhilarating stuff and I absolutely loved it. 

In a plot even more freakishly up-to-the-minute than usual, the Grid was infiltrated, the spies became the spied-upon and Lucas’s entire life went to hell in a shiny black Government vehicle (handcarts being decidely passé these days). 

Richard Armitage started the episode looking mournfully handsome (prompting my internal music box to start playing “Oh.  Why you look so sad?”), and the scene was set for an episode-long battle between his heroic streak and self-preservation, as he veered between doing the right things and doing the terribly, terribly wrong ones.  It’s ironic and tragic that some of the character’s noblest moments this week were mixed with some of his basest, but, traitor or hero, most of those moments were just fantastic.

And as Lucas edged further down the road of no return (via an absolutely wonderful surprise visit to an old friend in “Hobbit country” – even more freakishly up-to-the-minute there), there were some equally fantastic moments back at the ranch, where Mama Ruth and the boys were stepping up to save the day. 

The loss of Ros has given Ruth a chance to blossom again as Harry’s right-hand woman this season, but her awesomeness reached stratospheric levels this week, while Tariq suddenly turned from nerdy techno-boy to, er, nerdy but ace techno-boy, and Dimitri provided the brawn and the bomb.  Awesomely though.  Before foiling the evil plot and everything, so go Dimitri!  The scene where he and Harry strolled into the villains’ lair was wonderful. (Even if it did seem to be the same lair/office space that nearly every villain in Spooks has used for the past three seasons.  The international spies’ housing market must be kind of quiet.) 

The only person who didn’t really have much to do was Beth, but there was so much going on with everyone and everything else that it didn’t matter.  From the deceptively subdued beginning to the final ominous crescendo, this was an incredible ride.  Brilliant.


3 thoughts on “Spooks s9 ep 6

  1. Capt. Harold Dobey October 26, 2010 / 12:45 am

    But but but, it only works if you can believe that MI5 are that totally useless.

    It was topical though, but maybe the BBC now use the news to promote Spooks in the way they do Panorama.

    I guess I don’t really care what happens to Lucas. It just doesn’t seem worth it to run away with Maya.

    And I’m not going to leave the future of the free world in a low-rent Lady Gaga.

    Apart from that, I really enjoyed it. You are right about Ruth and she’s a lot sexier when she’s actually doing some proper spy work.

    I liked Malcolm’s jumper, that’s probably not his mum.

  2. CJ Cregg October 26, 2010 / 7:25 pm

    I agree, Capt – all this appalling stuff Lucas is doing doesn’t seem worth it for Maya, does it? Poor Junior Lady Gaga. I’m quite sad about what they’ve done to Lucas just for some relationship we never even heard of before this year, even if this episode was great. I guess there’s an argument that his capitulation is more to do with his inherent weakness for being manipulated by men like Vaughn and that Russian geezer last year, but still. I know I asked this a couple of weeks ago, but surely now there’s no coming back from this for him? I think he would have killed Malcolm if he’d gotten hold of him at the end.

    How fab was it to see Malcolm though? I didn’t realised how much I’d missed him till I nearly jumped off my seat for joy when he turned up. Yay Malcolm! (And yay for his super-fast removal men – that was some quick clear-out.)

  3. Capt. Harold Dobey October 27, 2010 / 11:44 am

    It was all a bit dramatic. Could he not have just hid in the local Premier Inn? Did he really need to take all the furniture?

    I’ve never really been that into Lucas, but it is all a bizarre turn. It’s annoying me like when they sent Tom loopy.

    I’m blaming Harry’s hiring policy of just taking in anyone. I think it’s time to go back to whoever did best at the test centre.

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