Heroes s4 eps 18 & 19

How did it come to this? The season (maybe the series) finale of a former global mega-hit, tucked away at some ridiculously late hour on a Saturday night on BBC 2, “slightly later than billed” due to the snooker….Oh, Heroes.  What happened to you?

Sigh. Let’s not dwell on past glories, it’ll only hurt more. Although, if I could avoid it, I wouldn’t dwell too long on episode 18 either, for the same reason. Sylar and Peter spent it in Sylar’s head, “bonding” in a similar nightmare to the one Tom Cruise has in “Vanilla Sky”, where they wander around a New York empty of other people.  I hated “Vanilla Sky”.  Claire spent it finding out that Bennet has secrets and is a bit shady. You don’t say.  And T-Bag talked a lot before burying folk.  Again.  ‘Nuff said.

Onto 19, then, which I enjoyed, I suppose, but had very mixed feelings about. For instance:-

Matt was in danger.  “New And Improved” Sylar and Peter stepped in.  I was disappointed. 

Emma finally realised T-Bag’s a bad lot. Emma’s clearly as bright as midnight. In a tunnel. I rolled my eyes. 

Claire and Bennet cried.  The dialogue was a bit too corny to really make it work, but I was a little bit moved, nonetheless.

Tracy was useful for the first time in a long time, and actually, I really liked that bit, for all it made very little sense.

The Charlie story was resolved in a quite a sweet, poignant way, largely because K Callan is absolutely luminous.  I like her.  Hiro – not so much.

And then there was the big showdown at the Carnival with all our Heroes coming together to defeat the baddie, etc.  You know the drill.  More ropey dialogue, but thankfully some exciting bits.  I could have done with a lot more fighting though.  Peter duking it out with T-Bag was momentarily satisfying, but over far too quickly.  I mean, we spent about 70% of the season listening to the Carnie-man talk, could we not have spent a bit of time watching him get his head kicked in?

Anyway, the coda at the end – the beginning of Volume 6, somewhat optimistically – took us back to the start, with the cheerleader showing us what she can do.  Aw.  How I miss those days. But will there be a volume 6?  What’s going to happen to you, Heroes?

No word yet from the network, but commentators are suggesting that they might discount the humiliating first-run ratings; the show’s worldwide tv sales, DVD sales, DVR ratings, and the fact that NBC is struggling to fill its schedules with anything resembling a hit (even a fallen one like Heroes) all mean Heroes might make it back for a short fifth season.  Probably to be shown on BBC2 at 2.30AM on a Wednesday in Autumn 2011 or something.  Oh, NBC, don’t do it.  Stop torturing the show and the few fans remaining.  Let Heroes go.


8 thoughts on “Heroes s4 eps 18 & 19

  1. sherby57 May 2, 2010 / 5:33 pm

    I’ve just watched the final two episodes – the second half of ep 19 on iPlayer because the BBC totally ballsed up the EPG – and sort of enjoyed it. Then I read your review and realised how rubbish some of it was.

    The worst thing about the season was the awful carnies and Samuel in particular. Not only does the whole evil carnival thing feel incredibly tired, but Samuel was a completely uncompelling villain. I didn’t really get any genuine motivations for why he was doing whatever it was he was doing, so the entire arc felt utterly pointless. To make matters worse, he had the most annoying accent in all of television. I felt like jabbing knitting needles down my ears every time he spoke.

    I did like some things, though. I still like Claire, Noah, Peter and Sylar as characters, and they almost make the show enjoyable – despite some pretty ropey storylines. Sylar is far too interesting a character to just stay as an out-and-out psycho, so I liked his ‘redemption’ (although, it probably won’t last very long if they actually get a fifth season). I understand your Vanilla Sky comparison, but it was quite a neat way for Peter to accept Sylar’s remorse without it just happening over the course of a 5 minute conversation.

    You point out some of the really dumb stuff in the episode that bugged me. Let’s send the man whose power is to be 5 men to stop the man with a million powers and his buddy who can mimic all his powers. Let alone the fact that Parkman should have been able to stop him on his own. Doyle making Emma’s hands go back and to somehow made her powers come out of the cello… what?? Also, the rescue from the caravan was totally random and inexplicable. The only point of it seemed to be for Ali Larter to make her token appearance. What is the deal with her, anyway? Did she get signed up for a 5 season deal, and then the producers realised that they didn’t like her but were obliged to occasionally use her anyway? I can’t see any other reason why she is still around. It didn’t make any sense that she didn’t reappear after the rescue other than her not being on location for the shoot.

    The thing about Heroes is that for all the bad (and boy, is there ever some bad), I still sort of want to see what they would do in a fifth season. On reflection, though, it’s probably for the best if it ends now.

  2. CJ Cregg May 2, 2010 / 7:20 pm

    sherby57 :

    The worst thing about the season was the awful carnies and Samuel in particular. Not only does the whole evil carnival thing feel incredibly tired, but Samuel was a completely uncompelling villain. I didn’t really get any genuine motivations for why he was doing whatever it was he was doing, so the entire arc felt utterly pointless. To make matters worse, he had the most annoying accent in all of television. I felt like jabbing knitting needles down my ears every time he spoke.


    This. Sooo much. Welcome back, Sherby. I agree with pretty much all of your comment – except I’m really sick of Sylar – but especially this bit. Samuel was just awful. The accent, the story, everything about him. I love Peter, Claire and Noah still, but my God, they had to work hard to overcome the dead weight that was this wretched character.

    And the Doyle thing bugged the hell out of me too. I get that he could move her hands but to play the special tune? Does that mean if he took control of a doctor, he could make them do perfectly precise brain surgery? Come off it. Also, I thought Doyle was killed last season, possibly by Sylar as a scary gift for Danko, so his being alive has been bothering me for ages. I just don’t understand how that is. Did I imagine a scene earlier this season where they showed his corpse, with his throat slit, in the back of a pick-up truck? What was that about? Is he alive? Is his body being controlled by someone else? I’m so confused!

    At least Mohinder didn’t turn up, though. Thank God.

    I’m worried that, given Claire has “outed” them, a 5th season will just involve them being hunted and persecuted again like they were in season 3, though. What they should do is fast-forward. The hunter-persecuters have succeeded, it’s the “Five Years Gone” future, except Nathan is dead and Sylar is actually President, although he’s pretending not to be special, and he’s pretending not to be evil, and everything else is as it was in what is still one of the best episodes of tv I’ve ever seen. Then FuturePeter (with the scar. The scar is a MUST.) and FutureHiro can lead the resistance, Claire can join them, Bennet can play both sides, and hopefully somebody will kill Evil Parkman. Now THAT would be a season 5 I would enjoy.

    I can’t believe the show has crashed so far since season 1. My die-hard attachment to it means I’ll still be watching next season if it comes back, though, despite my protestations, so at least we can get through it together.

  3. sherby57 May 3, 2010 / 10:06 am

    The problem with Sylar is that once you’ve established him as a complete psycho and the biggest threat in the world, it’s difficult to go anywhere with him. Let alone having him as a regular character. That said, I think he’s always well acted and is at least vaguely interesting – which is more than can be said for some of the other characters.

    The writers don’t seem to have had any direction since the first season. It’s like that was a stand alone story and yet they’ve been forced to carry on without any clear idea of what to do. It doesn’t help that all the villains (Sylar apart) have been particularly weak. I’ve always thought it was a mistake for them to strip Peter of his original power – things could have gone in a much more interesting direction if he was still as powerful as Sylar.

    Let’s hope that if they do have a fifth season then they really go for it and have a definite ending, rather than the probable rehashing of old ideas.


    Did you watch White Collar? I thought you would have reviewed it on here!

  4. Jed Bartlet May 7, 2010 / 10:28 pm

    Finally got there. I agree. Nowhere for the show to go. Enough.

  5. e May 15, 2010 / 12:50 am

    RIP, Heroes. 4.5 years too late.

  6. shebee June 20, 2010 / 7:54 pm

    I’ve just finished watching the season (we’re slow down here in Africa, okay?) and dude, I’m so effing disappointed. So many questions, I don’t even know where to begin.

    Firstly, did I miss an episode? In the one Matt gets shot to all hell, and then a few eps later, he’s back with his wife (who’s hair had been chopped off disgustingly). Um. WTF happened?

    I’m so sad about all the loop holes and empty gaps too. Why not tie up the story properly? Like, does Sylar get the kid that Peter envisioned in s3? Will Claire get a normal life now that she’s jumped off yet another high bridge? Does the world cope?

    Sigh. It’s all just very sad, man.

    Most importantly, what other season will be as entertaining enough to watch in Heroes place? Recommendations totally welcome.

  7. CJ Cregg June 20, 2010 / 8:12 pm

    Hi shebee, welcome to unpopcult. I know exactly what you mean about the Matt thing, it seemed like they’d just skipped half the storyline but the way I see it, the less Matt scenes the better…

    I think even if they had been given another series, they wouldn’t have filled the gaps in the rest of the story either, to be honest, but I doubt Claire will ever have a normal life and I think Sylar won’t get that kid because he’s not Peter’s brother any more so that future never happens. Maybe. Who knows with Heroes!

    As far as recommendations go, if it’s fantasy you’re after, on the vampire front, there’s always True Blood (if you’ve a strong stomach) or Vampire Diaries (much tamer), or Being Human which is better than both of them. On the more sci-fi side of things, have you seen Battlestar Galactica (which is awesome) or Fringe (which is not, but a couple of the performances are amazing)?

    On the non-fantasy/non-sci-fi front – maybe try White Collar or Glee? Both great fun. Have a wee look through our archive of reviews (menu down the right side of the screen) and see what takes your fancy?

    EDIT: I can’t believe I didn’t mention Lost, but am guessing you know about it….

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