Gossip Girl s2 ep 8

Sorry I’m late……  

I’m a week behind with Gossip Girl now, having discovered that sometimes I don’t actually want to watch tv.  I know.  It was a surprise to me too.   I’m hoping normal service will resume shortly but in the meantime, I see Gossip Girl has thrown up some surprises of its own.   Ok, Dan is still a smug little hypocrite and Vanessa still has no purpose but to cause disharmony, but now Blair’s openly breaking her heart over Chuck, Chuck’s being honest with Blair (and breaking his heart too), and Nate’s suddenly gone all romantic hero for Little Jenny?  Woah.  

Of course, this has all been threatening to happen for ages, but things seem to be coming to a head and I’m not sure how I feel about it.  This was a perfectly entertaining episode but what about future episodes?  Nate has always been sweet enough, so I can handle him going sappy for someone even if it is Little J.  And the writers are spot-on about Blair and Chuck – they do love “the game’ more than each other, so a relationship probably wouldn’t work.  But if the pair of them are going to keep moping about it, who’s going to be mean and clever instead of them?  Dan?  Please no.  C’mon you two – pick yourselves up and play Machiavelli for me.  That’s what I would call normal service.


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