Gossip Girl s2 ep 7

I liked this.

Resident villains Blair and Chuck conducted a witty homage to both “Dangerous Liaisons” and its teenage daughter “Cruel Intentions”, sniping at each other all the way; the shiny-but-troubled Van Der Woodsens fought and made up like an actual, real-life, family; and Dan “I’m right, everyone else is unworthy of me” Humphries did something nice without being a judgemental prat for the first time in ages.  Go show!

A few great “meta” lines deserve a mention as well with Chuck pointing out that if you want to insult him, “there’s a website you can go to”, and Eric asking “Who watches TV on a TV any more anyway?”  Heh.

I do wonder, though, why a show which is so smart and self-aware still hasn’t rid itself of the blight on the Upper East Side that is Vanessa Abrams.  It’s quite an achievement to be more annoying and Mary Sue-ish than Dan and Jenny Humphrey put together.  Well done, girlfriend, well done.


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