Dexter s2 ep 6

Dexter’s problems are piling up: he’s finding out more and more about his past, he’s been taped checking his boat for blood traces, Doakes is after him again, he’s torn between Rita and Lila, and there’s a copycat Bay Harbor Butcher out there.  With all of these issues to take care of, he drily notes that he might get round to dealing with world hunger at some point.

Meantime the reviewer’s only problem is trying to find the right superlatives adequately to describe the episode.  Once more themes of truth and falsehood are to the fore, but there’s no sense in which the programme is getting stale: instead, the pacing and plotting are perfectly judged, as Dex pursues his copycat, squares up to Doakes (in an intense and exhilarating scene), tries to erase the incriminating footage, faces his complicated love life, and addresses his past.  And in the background the complex and developing relationship between Debs and Lundy is sketched out in a couple of compelling scenes.

Lila takes a potentially serious mis-step, though, when post-coitally she asks Dexter the dreadful question “What are you thinking?”  Dexter, perhaps, is too versed in the language of therapy and actually tries to answer.  Better by far if he’d taken a tip from Al Bundy: “If I wanted you to know I’d be talking, not thinking…”.


2 thoughts on “Dexter s2 ep 6

  1. snoskred August 19, 2008 / 6:05 am

    Wasn’t Michael C Hall amazing in this episode? I mean he’s amazing in every episode but this went beyond the usual amazingness. Some of my favourite highlights –

    – When Dexter is sitting at the dinner table and they’re talking about him like he’s not there, and he waves a chop when he says “I’m sitting right here”. Classic! The expression on his face, hilarious..

    – The scene between Doakes and Dexter was so intense, great stuff – those two have such chemistry.

    When Dexter gets kicked out of the office and goes to see Lila.. his anger, frustration, etc.. is this the most riled up we’ve seen him? He really is feeling his feelings.

    – “The voices are back. Excellent.”

    – Lundy and the animal crackers. Interesting interview technique. 🙂 it seems to throw both Angel and Masuka completely off track.

    – when Dexter takes out the fake butcher.. beautiful stuff.. and an excellent way to make sure nobody else pretends to be the butcher.

    It only gets better from here. And I will say, I have seen Season 2 in full 3 times now, and it still has not become stale for me. There’s just so much brilliance here.

    I’ve also seen the preview for Season 3, and it looks like things will keep getting better. 🙂 We’re hoping to get it at the same time as the states, but I don’t imagine you guys will be able to seeing as they’re showing 2 now? ;(

  2. Jed Bartlet August 19, 2008 / 11:42 am

    Hi Snoskred,

    Everyone was amazing. As I said a couple of eps ago I wasn’t sure about Dexter the addict as a plot device, but as you say it’s paying off – in the Doakes and Lila scenes he shows as much (genuine) emotion as we’ve ever seen from him.

    I liked the crackers too.

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